Forecast Discussion: Storms compete with fireworks this week in the Black Hills

Summer thunderstorms are likely this week, with storms becoming fewer... but stronger as we approach the holiday weekend

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  • Another hot day is in the forecast, especially for areas East of the Black Hills where temperatures will be pushing the upper 90s, and possibly the 100 mark.
  • Showers and thunderstorms are expected to kick off in Northeast Wyoming once again this afternoon, and rumble their way into the Black Hills and south Dakota by this evening.

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  • A Heat Advisory has been issued for Ziebach, Haakon and Jackson County until 7 PM this evening, heat indexes could push 100-105°.
  • You know the drill – stay hydrated and if you start feeling dizzy…. that’s not good. Have a way to stay cool!

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  • Things will thankfully be cooler as you head towards the Black Hills and towards Northeastern Wyoming, with 80s more likely in the forecast.
  • Sheridan and the Bighorn foothills could see 70s!

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  • Dew Points are going to be pushing the 70s by this afternoon towards Central south Dakota (yuck)
  • This is going to make it feel like a sauna, with hot and humid conditions to boot. Once again. Have a way to stay cool.

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  • We have a Marginal (1/5) chance for strong to severe storms this afternoon and evening.
  • This is not a scale of “how strong” the storms are, only how widespread these severe storms will be… so if you find yourself in a severe weather situation – take it seriously!

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  • The first part of today will be relatively dry, with most thunderstorms waiting to kick off in Wyoming Monday afternoon.
  • Be on the lookout for a few early birds however, particularly the higher elevations of the Black Hills and the Bear Lodge Mountains.

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  • Monday evening will be almost a carbon copy of Sunday evening, with most storms rolling in towards the late afternoon and evening in the Black Hills.
  • Be on the lookout for large hail and damaging winds, make sure you have a way to receive warnings!

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  • Tuesday will be much cooler with temperatures in the 70s and perhaps 80s.
  • Showers and thunderstorms will continue to be in the forecast with partly cloudy condtiions.

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  • Most strong to severe thunderstorms should push Eastward towards Central South Dakota and East River, but a few rogue troublemakers could hang out in the Black Hills Tuesday afternoon.

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  • By Tuesday evening, only a few isolated pop ups should be all that’s left of thunderstorm activity.
  • Things will start to dry out and clear up as we approach Wednesday.

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  • Although thunderstorm activity is expected to diminish as we approach Wednesday, it doesn’t disappear.
  • Cooler temperatures will allow a brief period of relatively nice weather, before the heat picks right back up later in the week.

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  • So Although thunderstorm activity is expected to diminish later on this week, the few thunderstorms that manage to pop the cork on the atmosphere will have plenty of heat and fuel… and could cause problems.
  • So, in short, most of us will be hot and dry with a few big boomers in the afternoon and evening… hopefully we can keep that forecast for the Rushmore fireworks show on July 3rd and the 4th of July!
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