Forecast Discussion: Showers Monday evening, followed by warm week

After a few showers this evening, temperatures could reach record levels by Thursday

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  • A nice day on tap today with temperatures getting into the 60s and 70s… maybe even an 80° mark by this afternoon towards the Badlands.

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  • A few showers expected this evening – with some of them bringing rumbles of thunder and perhaps some tiny hail. Nothing crazy expected 🙂

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  • Those showers will eventually push out towards the East by Tuesday morning, by gusty winds will follow behind the front.
  • Northwest winds could gust up to 50-55 MPH in those areas, places like Rapid city could see gusts up to 45 MPH.
  • High grassland fire danger will be a distinct concern going into Tuesday, especially for Northwestern South Dakota.

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  • Things will return to relative normalcy by Wednesday with temperatures in the low 70s – still about 10° above normal for this time of year.

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  • A little bit of sticker shock on Thursday as temperatures are expected to hit the mid-80s
  • No doubt a 90° is within the realm of possibility for the badlands and areas towards South Central South Dakota.
  • Showers will be in the forecast for this weekend, thankfully with no severe weather 🙂 Be safe out there! – Brant
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