10:01 AM – Roads beginning to ice up with dropping temperatures

Temperatures hovering right around the freezing mark today will allow a mixed bag of different conditions to rush through the region today, bringing different impacts.

10:01 AM UPDATE: Advisories have been reduced for areas North of the Black Hills, but the Northern Hills and I-90 corridor are starting to see ice develop on light surfaces, and roadways could soon follow.

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  • Temperatures are beginning to dip in the 20s, and are expected to continue dropping into the afternoon.
  • On and off snow showers are expected to continue along the I-90 corridor and towards the northern Foothills
  • Blowing, drifting snow is a distinct possibility as wind speeds pick up into the 30-40 MPH gust range

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  • Here’s what temperatures are expected to be across the region by 3 PM
  • Any wet roadways by this point will begin to ice up, quickly. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time if you must travel this afternoon

Here’s a look at current road conditions across the region

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Rapid City - North

Rapid City - South

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Spearfish - East

Spearfish - West

Deadwood - East

Deadwood - West

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Hot Springs - Maverick Junction North

Hot Springs - Maverick Junction South

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Most significant precipitation is staying below radar scans, it may not pick up on radar right away.

5:45 AM UPDATE: Northern Black Hills have now been included in the Winter Weather Advisory for freezing rain, several inches of snow and gusty winds. This goes until 6 PM this evening.

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  • Wet roads this morning will eventually give way to icy conditions as temperatures drop.
  • Some areas are expecting snow accumulations, but the main impacts here will be slick roads, dropping temperatures and gusty northerly winds.

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  • NEW Winter Weather advisories have been issued for the Northern Black hills as of 5:45 this morning.
  • Winter weather advisories have been cut back in Fall River and Jackson County, but still remain in effect for Oglala Lakota and Bennett County.
  • Carter County Montana, Harding and Perkins county have been included in winter weather advisories for this morning due to expected freezing drizzle and freezing rain icing up roads.

STAY TUNED through the morning, I’ll be adding slides and updated forecast maps minute by minute through the morning – so be sure to check back!

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  • A steady mix of drizzle, sleet, graupel and freezing rain will move across the region this morning.
  • Plummeting temperatures will eventually transition most of this activity to snow.
  • Notice the Northern and Eastern foothills could see a good chance of upslope enhancement and increased activity – keep this in mind if you’re planning on travelling through there this morning.

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  • Things will generally start to dry out this afternoon, but areas of upslope enhancement could still be at play for the I-90 corridor, along with windy conditions.
  • Winds will continue to increase from the North and the surface dries out and eventually cuts off further precipitation into the evening hours.

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  • Snow accumulations will not be the story today… but in combination with gusty winds and light freezing rain even a small amount of accumulations could cause very slick conditions.
  • Notice the areas of upslope enhancement towards Nemo, Deadwood, Lead and along the I-90 corridor.
  • It’s not guaranteed that these accumulations will come to pass, but we should at least be prepared for the possibility… should temperatures drop a little quicker than anticipated.

Stay tuned! More information will be posted shortly!

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