Football fans can wager a bet on the Super Bowl game at Deadwood casinos

Dales Sportsbook4DEADWOOD, S.D. – With one of the largest televised sporting events in the United States approaching, football fans are getting excited for the Super Bowl on Sunday and Deadwood casinos that offer sports betting are looking forward to it as well.

“We’re really excited about Super Bowl Sunday. We’ve got the Kansas City Chiefs for Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday. We’ve got four different sports betting kiosks available throughout all of our properties,” Tony Sieber, general manager of the Gold Dust Casino, said. “Everything is geared up for the Super Bowl. This Sunday should be a really fun event for us. We’re expecting a real big crowd. We’ve already got people reserving tables here in our sportsbook area. So it should be a really fun afternoon on Sunday.”

“We’re really excited about another Super Bowl to have some sports bets on it. It’s all exciting for us,” Tyler Nold, casino manager of Deadwood Mountain Grand, said. “What we did this year is we sold seats. We allowed people to rent them. So for a price, they could rent the bar, They could rent the couches or the chairs down below so that people like to have their spots.”

Betting on the game

There’s a huge book and a range of bets that people can wager on with over 30.

Here’s a few that you might find:

  • What team will win?
  • Who will score first?
  • Who will score last?
  • How many field goals each team will make?
  • Will a field goal kicker hit the crossbar?
  • How many first downs?
  • How many challenges?
  • How many field goals will be made during the game?
  • Will there be a safety?

Things you can’t bet on

Most bets are focused on the actual game and things that could happen during it. Things that happen before, at halftime, and after the game can’t be.

“There are a few things that people I think have assumed that are legal, but you actually cannot bet on the halftime show. You cannot bet on the coin toss. You cannot bet on how long the national anthem will be. You can’t bet the MVP. So basically, in a nutshell, anything that a person can influence is, I think, the way it’s worded,” Nold said. “Something like the MVP is voted on by people. They don’t want that as a thing and we’re fine with that.”

Photos of Dale’s Sportsbook and Gold Dust Sportsbook:

How to place bets

Officials say that it is a fairly easy process especially since with kiosks that some places offer.

“You’re dealing with a computer-generated system. We have telephones that you can pick up and ask questions if you need, but it’s very simple,” Sieber said. “You’re usually going to pick who’s going to win a game, and a lot of the common bets.”

While Deadwood Mountain Grand also offers kiosks for people to use, they also have a desk to wager with someone.

“We have a really good staff. Our team is very helpful and you can, if you’ve never placed a bet before, you can walk in and talk to our team and we can walk you through it,” Nold said. “If you had a specific thing that you had in mind, like if you just wanted to bet on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl, we could easily do that. You just let us know how much you want to risk or want to win, and we’ll walk you through that. If the desk is closed, we have tons of staff that know how to operate the kiosks, our bar team, our floor supervisor team, everybody can kind of help you on the kiosk too.”

Sports wagering available in Deadwood

There are six locations in Deadwood where bets can be placed on sports games:

  • Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort
  • Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort
  • Dale’s Sportsbook at Deadwood Mountain Grand
  • Gold Dust Casino
  • BetKota at The Midnight Star
  • The Lodge at Deadwood

Bringing in people and profit

With how big the Super Bowl is to fans, there are a number of people who will watch at the casinos, which saw a good year last year.

“We’re not really looking at it as something that we’re looking to make a lot of money on. On the gambling side, we’re just hoping for a good game where we’re hoping that everybody that comes in has some success in some of their bets. They pick the right bet.” Nold said. “The sportsbook side, we don’t have much to do with any of the games, so we just sit back and watch people place bets and hope that everybody’s having fun and sticks around and stays and has fun with the whole experience.”

Nold says that in previous years the majority of their profit came from food and beverages bought while people were hanging out. People also play some tables and slots when they’re wanting to take a break like during commercials.

But it also brings more people into different casinos and into Deadwood as well.

“There’s a lot of things going on in Deadwood this weekend,” Sieber said. “On Friday and Saturday, we’ve got our annual Mardi Gras celebration, so there’ll be Cajun Foods and some games and a lot of activities and drinks on Friday and Saturday. Then we roll right into the Super Bowl on Sunday. So we’re expecting a very big crowd this weekend.”

With people coming in for the game, Nold says they also bring a fun energy with them.

“Just fun to see random people coming together from random areas of the world and they’re high-fiving because they have the same bet,” He said. “You can kind of tell early on, you can see who’s cheering for who. Just as an avid sports fan, it’s so fun to see and sit back and, like I said, see strangers become best friends because they have the same wager on the same team.”

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