‘Fly high, ride on’: Three sisters honor their late brother at the Rally

The three wore shirts with their younger brother on the back in order to bring him to Sturgis

STURGIS, S.D. — There could be many reasons that bring visitors to the Rally. It might be for fun, while some might be there, after facing tragedy.

Shirts BackThat was the case for three sisters: Deb Knapp of Hill City, South Dakota, Virginia Overhiser of Campbell, New York, and Diane Dunning of Cornell, New York.

“This is Mike – little brother Mike. So, he’s here with us at Sturgis as our way of honoring him and remembering him,” Dunning said.

They originally had plans for a family caravan to the rally in previous years but it always fell through with everyone’s busy schedules.

Last year, June 27, their younger brother Mike Thomas died while riding his motorcycle. He would’ve joined the sisters on their trip, since he enjoyed riding and he’d be able to visit Knapp in Hill City.

This year, Dunning, Knapp and Overhiser decided to bring him to the rally. They wore shirts with a picture of him riding and it read “fly high, ride on” which was printed on the back.

Sturgis Mural

All 11 siblings of the family weren’t able to make it but the three feel that taking their younger brother to the rally was for everyone.

“He’s left behind a wonderful family-many, many lovely ladies [and] a son,” Dunning said. “Big sisters. We love them and we miss them and we finally made it to Sturgis.”

With their shared interest of motorcycle riding, most of the 11 siblings are motorcycle riders and Dunning says that she’s wanted to visit the Rally since she’s learned how to ride.

“This year, it was an opportunity because, you know, it was good,” She said. “We don’t know if we’ll get another chance. We’re just gonna go.”

Knapp who’s lived in South Dakota her whole life is more of a horse rider, but still partook in the Rally to remember her younger brother.

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