Flurrying our way through January: Several small systems bring cold, light snow this week

Multiple small systems will chip away at our temperatures, leaving some areas colder than others and bringing chances for light snow

  • Today will be the start of a downward trend in temperatures, ushered in by a quick moving surface front.
  • Temperatures will reach the 20s and 30s, with breezy conditions around lunchtime while the dry front pushes through.

  • A look at temperatures across the region shows colder conditions North and East of the Black Hills.
  • This is going to be the case through the majority of this week, expect colder temperatures in this area by almost 10-20 degrees.

  • By early Tuesday morning, single digits will be likely across the region with a few teens towards the Black Hills and northeastern Wyoming.
  • Wind Chill could push zero, to perhaps below zero – especially towards Harding, Perkins and Ziebach County.

  • Another quick moving system (yes, another) will push through Tuesday and bring chances for light snow – starting in Northeastern Wyoming by the afternoon.
  • Foggy and cloudy conditions look likely – this will mark the divide between two very different air masses.
  • Cold conditions will reside just outside the Black Hills, some cases 10-15 degrees in only a few miles distance.

  • As our quick moving system pushes forward, there is a chance Tuesday night into Wednesday for light snow in the Black Hills.
  • Not looking at a whole lot in the way of accumulations – but a few gusty winds and quick moving snow bands could temporarily hamper driving conditions.
  • We’ll keep an eye out for better specifics going into tomorrow.

  • Wednesday looks to be the coldest day, with highs in the teens in Rapid city and single digits elsewhere- (even negatives in some cases Northeast of the Hills)
  • Late this week we’ll see chances for another system to come through bringing better chances for snow.
  • So far, it looks like most of the action will pass South of us – but we know that can change quickly. We’ll keep an eye on it.


Northwesterly flow resumes this week, with several small clipper-like systems expected to bombard us with chances for flurries or snow showers here or there. Honestly, I’d love to put flurries across the entire 7-day… but that would be cheating. What we can do is zone in on a couple days where it at least seems *more* likely. I’m watching Friday as the next potential system – not because of direct impacts to the Black Hills but for travel purposes South of the Hills. Too early to say exactly what we’re looking at, but the jet stream does seem to support a decent system crossing the Great Plains. Something we’ll keep an eye on!

It’ll be two different worlds this week, the one in the Black Hills and the one Northeast of the Black Hills. Forecasted temperatures have backed WAY off from what we had last week – which is good news. This is not necessarily true for Harding, Perkins, and Ziebach County which could see negatives as their high! There will be a distinct cloud deck/fog that’ll set up, temperatures could be vastly different in only a few miles. So if you drive into a fog bank or a stratus deck travelling East this week, don’t be shocked by the cold! Stay safe out there! – Brant

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