Flooding leads to road closures and sewer system issues in Box Elder

Photo courtesy of the City of Box Elder

BOX ELDER, S.D. — The City of Box Elder is warning residents that crossings along Box Elder Creek may be closed in the immediate future due to flooding conditions.

Currently, South Ellsworth Road is closed. Additionally, cross streets along Line Road are expected to flood in the next few hours if they haven’t already. Those streets will likely be closed eventually as well.

The public is being asked to plan accordingly and stay safe.

Due to the South Ellsworth Road closure, Prairie View residents need to use an alternative route that goes up Radar Hill, then left onto Creekside Road and onto a dirt road that leads to the residential area.

Cars take detour to get to Prairie View Estates

Rainfall and runoff has also caused the sewer system to overload. Box Elder city officials say the same situation happened last week.

Residents in lower elevations along Line Road and Box Elder Road will be impacted first, and may or may not experience backups.

Thunderbird, Creekside and Prairie View subdivisions may be affected with backups later if the sewer plant and sewer system can’t keep up.

NewsCenter1 will continue to keep you updated on the latest flood reports and forecast.

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