Flooding concerns arise across Northeastern South Dakota

Flood warnings are in effect for portions of the state.

After the copious amount of rain East River received during Wednesday and Thursday’s event, it comes as no surprise that flooding is a major concern. Here are some of the latest flood warnings for the area.

Knbn Earth Borders And Roads

If you do have to go out, please use extra caution, and remember “Turn Around, Don’t Drown!” Do not drive through high water. If you see it, just flip a U-Turn and go the other way. It’s not worth risking your life to drive in high water.

Sig River Flood Outlook

One product in our bag of goodies in the weather office is a Significant River Flooding Outlook. This shows what conditions will look like for the next 5 days, and on the map, we have that area shaded in red in Brown, Marshall, Day, Northern Clark, and Western Roberts County. The area in red means flooding is occurring or is imminent. The orange shading in Central Clark, and Central & Southeastern McPherson County means it’s more than likely going to happen.

River Level Observation

In South Dakota, there is one place where major flooding is being reported, and that’s the James River near Columbia. Here’s the latest information from the observation site there.

James River At Columbia

Flood Stage is 13′ with major flooding beginning at 18′. As you can see in the chart above, at 18′, 117th St between 395th and 400th Ave is flooded. (At 18.5′, The water reaches the bottom of the bridge at the gauging location on Brown County 16.)

This is something that we’ll have to monitor the next few days as flooding is a big concern East River.

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