Flood anniversary ceremony held Wednesday afternoon at Memorial Park

RAPID CITY, S.D.– Rapid City held a ceremony Wednesday morning at Memorial Park as part of the week of the flood’s 50th Anniversary events.

Visitors To The 1972 Flood MemorialResidents gathered at the band-shell for a special performance of an original song about the flood before a commemorative walk around the pond. They stopped at the flood memorial to pay tribute to the more than 200 lives lost.

The park is part of the roughly 1200 acres that were flooded and turned into greenway space.

Parks director Jeff Biegler, who helped residents in the aftermath and with creating the greenway spaces– stresses the importance of keeping the stories alive.

“You tend to forget year to year and as the years go on, but events like this bring it back to something that is almost fresh in your mind again,” Biegler said. “And I know some people are reluctant to talk about their experiences. Events like this and opportunities people have to talk about their experiences, I think, have been a very good thing.”

Biegler says Rapid City’s greenway space is one of the largest created in the nation.

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