Five things to know about Night at the Museum at the Museum of Geology

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Night at the Museum at the Museum of Geology encouraged kids and adults to dress Halloween costumes Saturday since the holiday is approaching.

“I love seeing all of the kids dressed up in their costumes and just having a good time, getting some candy and seeing the ingenuity of some of the booths we come up with,” Kayleigh Johnson, lab manager and preparator of the Museum of Geology, said.

Activities at the Night at the Museum:

Flash Looking At DinosKids were able to go to different booths in the Museum of Geology. They were given a passport to collect stamps from each booth and once completed, they could get a goody bag.

There were crafts at some booths and games at others. They were also able to learn more about geology and paleontology there.

Number of years this event has happened:

While they hold the event every year, they aren’t sure how long it has been running.

“I don’t know personally. At least over ten years,” Johnson said. “I was a student in 2013 and they were doing it back then. So, it’s been quite a history that we’ve done this every year as best as we can.”

Number of people that attended:

“Within like the first half hour, we had almost 100 people show up and we’ve had a really good turnout, and I’m very proud and excited about it. So, it looks like everybody’s enjoying themselves,” Johnson said.

The people who run the event:

The event itself is a collaboration between the Museum of Geology and the South Dakota School of Mines Paleontology Club. A lot of the volunteers that help run the Night at the Museum are South Dakota Mines students.

Why they continue to hold the event:

“It draws the community together. A lot of people coming together for a single night, just enjoying the museum, enjoying themselves, maybe learning a little bit and, of course, getting free candy. But it’s a way that we’re supporting the community and they’re supporting us back,” Johnson said.

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