First responders remind residents and visitors to be alert about severe weather

RAPID CITY, SD — Officials say Friday’s flooding and evacuations in Custer are a reminder for all of us to make sure we have the correct up-to-date information during severe weather.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, first responders say it’s critical to make sure you get the right information in the event of an emergency.

They urge us to turn on our wireless emergency alerts on our phones, which alert you to tornadoes, flash floods and other events.

There are also mobile apps that you can download.

According to RCFD Public Information Officer Lt. Jim Bussell, “The American Red Cross has an app called ‘Tornado’ and that app will give you information not only about tornadoes but flash flooding severe thunderstorms any weather type emergency you can set a radius to where you’re gonna be, you can follow multiple communities.”

Social media also plays a role in getting the details out. Following emergency crews on Facebook and Twitter is an easy way to amplify critical information during an emergency.

But Bussell says that you should always get info from credible sources.

“They should be official government agencies or official department pages and that’s where you should turn to get that info to make sure you’re not getting misinformation, to make sure you’re getting official messaging.”

Bussell also says we should pay attention to local media and other agencies like the National Weather service and the Highway Patrol.

You can also text ALERT RC to 85511 for up-to date information.

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