This is how First Interstate Bank gives back to the community

RAPID CITY, S.D.–  A local bank closed all of its Rapid City branches for half a day Wednesday for some community service. Employees from First Interstate Bank rolled up their sleeves for their 5th annual Volunteer Day. One crew spent the day painting and helping with landscaping around Storybook Island. For the past five years First Interstate has reserved the second Wednesday of September to help around the community.

MediaIngrid Reuter with First Interstate Bank says, “One of our core values is that we’re committed to our communities. And that’s not just a slogan that we have on a wall somewhere. It’s really the core of our being and who we are as a company. And it’s just the most amazing company to work for because of that core value.”

The projects are submitted by the workers and a list of them are chosen for the day. Volunteer Day started on the bank’s 50th anniversary to give back to the communities it serves.

First Interstate Bank Administrative Assistant Ingrid Reuter says, “The minute the doors close and we get out in the community its just the best feeling and it really rejuvenates everyone and makes us feel so good about where we’re working and what we’re doing. And it’s just the best feeling in the world.”

Several teams helped with nine projects in the Rapid City area.

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