First Day Hike at Custer State Park

Custer State Park, SD — A number of outdoor enthusiasts got a head start on their healthy living resolutions at Custer State Park on New Years Day…

On January 1st, state parks from all 50 states offer free guided first day hike programs, and last year around 55,000 people collectively hiked over 133,000 miles throughout the country. Conditions were perfect for hiking in the Black Hills, and while numbers have been low the past few years due to weather, between 100 and 150 hikers made the trek to Custer State Park this year.

While many hikers got a head start on resolutions, some have decided to forgo formal resolutions, as 80% are usually broken by February. Christina Campbell, a first time New Years day hiker said, 

“Just if I can live day by day and just make a resolution everyday to live that day as best I can, and accomplish any goals for that day that I‘ve done what I set out to do.”

Campbell says in the last 3 years she’s lost over 100 pounds and is now able to enjoy a hike with her son. She has plans to attend this years 35th Annual Spring Volksmarch at Crazy Horse Memorial.

State parks nationwide have a number of trails catering to all hikers and Custer State Park is no different. A 1-mile trail on paved road was open for hikers wanting to ease their way into the world of hiking, but seasoned hikers could also take off on lengthier and more challenging trails.

While national parks collectively hold the First Day Hike, most parks are actually open year round and close only on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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