Fireworks or Thunder?: Strong storms forecasted for Saturday afternoon and evening

Much like yesterday, most of the late morning and early afternoon will be sunny and warm, with storms popping off by 1-3 PM.

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  • Storms are expected to be more widespread for the 4th of July in the Black Hills then they were for Friday.
  • There is a Slight (2/5) Risk for Strong to severe weather for areas North of I-90, and a Marginal (1/5) Risk for strong storms along and South of I-90 Saturday afternoon and evening.
  • Most of these storms are expected to kick off sometime around 1-3 PM in the higher elevations of the Black Hills and the high terrain of Montana and Wyoming and push Eastward.

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  • Temperatures are expected to hit the 80s and 90s across the region once again, with a cooldown expected in the Black Hills with developing thunderstorms in the afternoon.

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  • These isolated storms could contain large hail, gusty winds and cloud to ground lightning.
  • Most storms will remain isolated to begin the afternoon, but are expected to become more widespread into the late afternoon.

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  • By 6 PM storms will be firing off in both Wyoming and areas of South Dakota.
  • Stronger storms are expected to build in Montana and move through the Northern portions of our area in the late afternoon.

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  • By 9 PM, fireworks may have to compete with several thunderstorms across the Black Hills Region.
  • Most strong storms will be North of I-90, but there could be a few isolated severe storms elsewhere.

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  • No need to cancel any plans this afternoon and evening, just make sure to have a contingency plan… and a way to receive warnings, especially after 3 PM.
  • You can download the NC1 Weather app from the app store on apple or android!

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  • Plan to have thunderstorms as a part of your forecast over the next couple of days, as the ingredients and energy will be hanging around well into next week.
  • Temperatures should dip back into the low to mid 80s for Rapid City by next week.

Stay alert! It’s that time of year when summer storms can come up quickly, and Black Hills Weather has a habit of finding those who are unprepared!

HAPPY 4th OF JULY! – Brant

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