Fireworks not allowed within Spearfish city limits

SPEARFISH, S.D. — Spearfish officials are reminding residents that fireworks are not allowed within city limits or the Black Hills Fire Protection District.

Spearfish city ordinance states that no person may sell or cause to be sold, discharge or cause to be discharged, any pyrotechnics or fireworks of any description whatsoever within the city. The only exception to this rule is if the discharge of fireworks is a part of a professional display operated by a licensed pyrotechnic operator under the procedure set forth in the International Fire Code.

“There are many ways to observe the holiday, but remember that within Spearfish City Limits, you may not shoot off fireworks. In addition to following the law, be thoughtful of your neighbors and community,” said Police Chief Curt Jacobs.

Anyone who wishes to set off fireworks outside of city limits should be aware of the conditions and take necessary safety precautions as well as being aware of restrictions.

For example, no fireworks are allowed within the boundary, or within 300 feet of the boundary, of the Black Hills Fire Protection District, nor within any public lands, including national forest, national park, state forest, or any land owned or leased by South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks as stated by South Dakota Codified Law 34-37-11.

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