Fireworks discharge raising concerns about potential wildfires

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Law enforcement in Rapid City has seen increasing reports of fireworks being set off in city limits, raising concerns over potential wildfires.

The city, along with the police and fire departments, reminding the public that it is against the law to discharge fireworks within city boundaries.

The only exception is around Independence Day – and even then, only novelty items like sparklers are allowed.

Those found in violation risk citations and fines, as well as potentially being held liable should a wildfire start.

Firefighters say that as dry as it’s been, it wouldn’t take much to start a fire – as demonstrated by the Schroeder Fire a few weeks ago.

“Currently, it’s still pretty dry out. We haven’t had the green up yet this spring, meaning the grass hasn’t poked through and make everything nice and green. So we still got a lot of dry grass and it’s all tall. So it’s easy to start that and when it gets started it’ll go fast especially in these winds,” said Jason Culberson, Chief of the Rapid City Fire Department.

The city encourages anyone who sees or hears fireworks being discharged in town to contact the Rapid City Police Department at (605) 394-4131.

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