Firework season in the Black Hills

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Fourth of July is around the corner, which means the age-old tradition of setting off fireworks will be permitted in the Black Hills.

Per South Dakota State law, fireworks can be set off from June 27 through July 5, but each town in the Black Hills will be able to add regulations or choose to not allow fireworks at all.

Misuse and even proper use of fireworks can cause a wildfire depending on the weather, which is currently drier than usual.

“Do not carry fireworks on yourself, inside your pockets,” said Jerome Harvey of the Pennington County Fire Service. “Use basic common sense when it comes to fireworks.”

Harvey also wants to remind the public that they cannot set off fireworks on public land. Explosives should only be lit by adults and all spectators should be at a safe distance to prevent severe burns or injuries.

“Make sure they see the directions on the back, how to read it, so they know,” said Douglas Bellinger, the Owner of Extreme Fireworks. “For an artillery shell, don’t lean over it you stand back.”

He says presidential themed explosives are a favorite this year, in celebration of President Trump coming to Mount Rushmore.

“We’ve got Trump train this year which is really popular, fake news which is really good with Trump, the Trump MAGA hat and a fountain that’s really neat,” states Bellinger.

So this year, catch a public firework show or set off a few of your own in celebration to reignite the spark of an American tradition.

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