Firehouse Wine Cellars holds its third annual South Dakota Showcase

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Firehouse Wine Cellars held its third annual South Dakota Showcase on Saturday.

The event gave patrons an opportunity to sample some of the restaurants specialty wines. The showcase also highlighted locally brewed wine, as well as meats and cheeses grown exclusively in South Dakota

Kara Sweet, Wine Club Manager for Firehouse Wine Cellars, said “Our guests really love being able to come here, not only for the traditional grapes that we do source from the west course, but they also like to see and experience the unique grapes that grow here in South Dakota, and our guests love to find those unique wines, even though they love some of the traditional wines as well.”

There were several stations that paired wine with different foods for to really bring out those flavors. Many participants also took advantage of the beautiful weather to sit on the restaurants patio.

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