Firefighters unite for National Volunteer Fire Council Symposium in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. – On March 17 and 18, firefighters from across the country will be gathering in Rapid City for the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) Symposium.

Leading Nonprofit Membership Organization

The NVFC is the leading national nonprofit membership organization that represents volunteer fire, emergency medical, and rescue services. This event is crucial for exchanging ideas and learning the latest techniques and tactics for fighting wildland and wildland-urban interface fires.

First Time in Rapid City

This is the first time Rapid City has hosted the event, which is important to the area as almost 97 percent of South Dakota’s fire and rescue services are made up of volunteers. The symposium will include multiple presentations on prevention, mitigation, fire-wise techniques, fire-adapted community techniques, and the latest tactics for dealing with urban interface fires.

According to Jerome Harvey, Fire Administrator of Penn. Co., the symposium will cover, “Everything from prevention to mitigation, fire wise techniques to fire adapted community techniques, to some of the latest stuff that’s going on as far as techniques and tactics to deal with urban interface fires.”

As urban areas continue to expand into wildland areas, events like this are crucial for exchanging ideas and better dealing with wildland fires when, not if, they approach a populated area. The NVFC Symposium is an opportunity for firefighters and emergency responders to gain new knowledge and skills to improve their service to their communities.

Here are some photos of recent fires in the area:

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