Firefighters and police officers compete by pushing patrol car across mall parking lot

Police officers and firefighters preparing to compete in car push competition at the Rushmore Mall

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The “Guns N’ Hoses Blood Drive” isn’t the only thing our local first responders compete at this time of year.

In the Rushmore Mall parking lot on Tuesday morning, members from both the Rapid City Police Department and the Rapid City Fire Department pushed a patrol car about 50 meters to see who could cross the designated finish line first. Our local fire fighters claimed the victory this year. They beat the police department by less than two feet.

Brendyn Medina, PIO for Rapid City Police Department

“We’re out here hanging out with our firefighter counterparts. It was a good time. The fire department did get across the finish line a little bit ahead of us. I’d say maybe they had a foot, a foot and a half. But congratulations to them as we kick off the 2019 Guns N’ Hoses Blood Drive,” said Brendyn Medina with the Rapid City Police Department.

Firefighters beat police officers at car push competition to kick off the 2019 Guns N’ Hoses Blood Drive at the Rushmore Mall

This is race is normally done by each team pulling the patrol car but after some technical difficulties, they just decided to push the cars across the parking lot instead. The car pull coincides with the first day of the “Guns N’ Hoses” Blood Drive happening inside the Rushmore Mall from Tuesday through Friday. Once the drive comes to an end Friday night, the ultimate winner will be announced and then the trophy will go home with this year’s winner.

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