Fireball Run preview party at the Journey Museum

RAPID CITY, S.D. –  The Fireball Run Big Country concluded in Rapid City last year with two competitors from the Black Hills. The show is an Amazon original and is often compared to the Amazing Race and Dirty Jobs. On Tuesday, The Journey Museum hosted an early preview for the show. 

Marnie and Doug Herrmann were the special guests of the night. They are a husband and wife from Rapid City who competed on the show. Views had the opportunity to ask questions and hear about the experience.

“Ir’s high stress. From about 5 in the morning when you get up and get ready for the day ahead until you finish up at 10 o’clock at night. You don’t know what the minute or the next hour is going to bring and you’re racing and competing. It’s pretty intense,” said Marnie Herrman.

The show is an 8-day journey through the midwest. Each team had to solve riddles and go on missions in several cities in the midwest. In those 8-days they covered 2,000 miles.

Throughout the journey, the most important mission that they have is bringing awareness to missing children. Each team is assigned a missing child. They get 1,000 posters with the child’s face on it and in every city, they give the posters to people and hang them throughout the city. In past seasons, children have been located through the efforts of the show.

Rapid City was the final destination, also known as the Finish Line City. The entire season will be available on Amazon Jan. 15.

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