Fire weather continues to be a concern in the Black Hills

RAPID CITY, S.D. — No matter the season, the Black Hills never seem to escape fire weather.

There have been a number of fires just this week, with low moisture and high winds key factors. Firefighters say they can’t stress enough the importance of fire safety in  order to avoid potential wildfires.

“We haven’t experienced green up yet, so we have a lot of cured out fuel, the light fuels, the grasses especially that didn’t get mashed down or matted down by heavy wet snow that are standing straight up.” said RCFD Public Information Officer Lt. Jim Bussell “So we get some snow, that’s great, but those fuels tend to dry out very quickly, and so they are receptive to fire, and they will burn, and they will burn quickly.”

Bussell says always be aware of how and where you dispose of ashes, as well as where you park, becauses hot exhaust pipes can ignite dry grassy areas. Structure fires also need to be taken into consideration .

“Unattended cooking and cooking in general is the leading cause of structure fires across the United States, not just in Rapid City,” continued Bussell “And with people home more and people doing more cooking, we do want to remind them to be careful. We want to remind people not to leave their cooking unattended, and we want to make sure that we stay, we encourage people to stay in the room when the cooking is going on.”

Firefighters recommend having the means to extinguish a fire, as well as having an exit plan everyone’s comfortable with.

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