Fire officials: take precautions when wildfire smoke is in your area

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Smoke from the Fish Fire has been drifting into the Black Hills over the last couple of days. With the smoke and ash reaching all the way to Rapid City, it’s important to protect your lungs.

“People can stay indoors, shut their windows, run their air conditioner if they have one, just to keep from breathing in all of the smoke,” said Kim Hemenway, the public information officer for the Type III Team, Fish Fire Brigade.

Using a portable air cleaner can help, especially for those with pulmonary conditions.

Fish Fie Ryan Renee Rolfs Morris

Fish Fire – Ryan Renee Rolfs Morris

It’s also recommended to talk to your HVAC servicer about special air filters that can help reduce the amount of smoke coming indoors. That smoke can sometimes travel hundreds of miles.

“With these winds, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if, you know, you can see smoke hundreds of miles from here,” Hemenway said. “I know some of the fires in Idaho from last week made it all the way down to Cheyenne, and we were smoked out from them.”

It’s also important to remember that cloth masks don’t protect you from wildfire smoke. N95s and similar masks can, but it depends on the type.

Click here for more information from the CDC on wildfire smoke.

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