Fire officials caution those utilizing burn piles

After a wildland fire burned about 1.3 acres in the Wind Cave National Park, officials says it's the perfect reminder to be diligent about watching burn piles.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A fire at Wind Cave National Park has been found to be caused by a person or people, whether it was intentional or accidental is under investigation.

The fire broke out Tuesday afternoon and was under control within several hours.

Fire officials say that this should serve as the perfect reminder to be diligent about keeping an eye on your burn piles and to exercise caution, especially right now when conditions are extremely dry.

“With the drying trend that we’re in right now, we’re going to encourage people to continue to monitor their burns, whether it be burn piles or rubble sites that they’ve burned, to continue to monitor those until there’s considerable amount of precipitation on the ground,” said Jerome Harvey, the Pennington County Fire Administrator.

After obtaining a burn permit and consulting with South Dakota Wildland Fire, officials say you should consult with the Black Hills National Forest Service on times when it’s safe to burn.

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