Fire in Wasta knocked down with local teamwork

Fire danger remains very high across South Dakota.

Fire 1WASTA, S.D. — A fire south of Wasta on Monday, March 21 burned less than an acre on ranch land, thanks to a response from many local firefighters.

Winds gusting around 60 miles per hour combined with warm temperatures to create very high and extreme fire conditions across the state.

Hay bales and silage piles can ignite by means of a chemical reaction that takes place deep in the piles when they’re sitting in the sun. High winds spread embers quickly to surrounding piles and grass.

In this case, observant neighbors notified the land owners that a few piles appeared to be smoking in a winter pasture. Fire departments from New Underwood, Wall, Wasta, Box Elder, and Ellsworth all rushed to help  put out the flames, and contained the fire to less than an acre.

Winds are expected to remain high with warm and dry conditions this week, so officials remind us to exercise caution around any ignition sources, and, like neighbors to this fire, keep a watchful eye out for the people and lands around you.

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