Fire crews burn piles across Black Hills National Forest

CUSTER, S.D. – In an effort to reduce hazardous fuels, Fire crew districts across the Black Hills National Forest are burning thousands of hand and machine slash piles. Piles are created from timber sale slash and tree thinning operations.

“It is very important to reduce fire and insect hazards by reducing fuel buildup,” said Jason Virtue, Acting Black Hills National Forest Fire Management Officer.

According to the release from USDA, smoke will be visible and may impact local communities across the Black Hills for the next several months. The smoldering material may continue to burn days after the burning operations are completed. They say that crews will continue to burn as conditions permit, and Firefighters will continually monitor and check the piles for several days after they have been lit.

“We appreciate the support from the communities,” said Virtue. “Being able to reduce these fuels this time of year makes fire suppression operations safer during the summer months.”

Burning conditions will continue throughout the fall and winter as conditions permit. For more information and notifications follow the Black Hills National Forest on the Great Plains Fire Information page HERE

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