Fire breaks out in Rapid Valley

UPDATE (2:00 p.m.): According to Rapid Valley Fire Department Fire Chief Joe Tjaden, the fire was contained at 110 acres.

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RAPID VALLEY, S.D. — Multiple crews are responding to a fire near Rapid City Regional Airport.

According to Rapid Valley Fire Department Fire Chief Joe Tjaden,  forward progress on the fire has been halted.

A dry cold front will move across the state today, causing low moisture content in the air and gusty winds. These are both factors that elevate fire danger and make for an easy spread of a blaze after onset.

Winds will be coming out of the northwest between about 15 and 20 miles per hour through the afternoon, continuing overnight. A few stronger gusts may rustle through the area too, but won’t be carrying any moisture. As a result, we’ll stay very dry today, with relative humidity values in the teens and twenties for the remainder of the afternoon.

Temperatures will reach the upper 70s and low 80s today, and only drop into the low 50s overnight. Warm temperatures in combination with dry air and strong winds can foster the generation and spread of grass and forest fires across the state today.

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