Find out what Black Hills Aquatic Adventures has to offer

Black Hills Aquatic Adventures in Rapid City is a full-service scuba diving shop that specializes in teaching classes in scuba diving, certifying people from swimming up to scuba diving instructors and trainers and renting out equipment.

Black Hills Aquatic AdventuresBlack Hills Aquatic Adventures also teaches DAN (Divers Alert Network), which is the medical side of scuba diving. So, if you were have a medical problem involved with scuba diving, you would call them and they will tell you what the problem is and who to see, like getting in touch with a recompression chamber for decompression sickness. Jim Wallace, the owner, is one of 42 worldwide examiners for DAN.

They dive in the lakes around the Black Hills and the pool at the Roosevelt Swim Center for open water dives.

The biggest thing they try to sell is the Ocean Reef full face mask for scuba diving. Jim says it’s a good system as it doesn’t fog up or leak.

“I mean, you have to go out of your way to make them leak and get water in them,” said Jim. “They breathe better than most of the first stages.”

Black Hills Aquatic Adventures is also a VA testing center, which means any military personnel can use their GI bill to learn how to scuba dive. And the VA will reimburse them for the price.

There’s also Skill Bridge, where a veteran who has 180 days left, and they want to get into the business, can work for Black Hills Aquatic Adventures and learn the business.

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