Final 2020 Spearfish Canyon Fall Color report

SPEARFISH, S.D. — The Spearfish Chamber of Commerce has released the final Spearfish Canyon Leaf Report of 2020.

In the report written by Kimberly Talcott, it shows that even though Spearfish experienced wind and periodic light rain throughout the weekend, the slow leaf drop and mild temperatures will allow use to enjoy the beauty of the leaves for a little longer.

The leaf drop was reported to be moderate throughout the canyon.

Talcott 9 29 B

Leaf Drop: Moderate

In her report, Talcott wrote,

“If you cruise through Spearfish Canyon in the coming days, you will notice a rich ombre of colors – the burnt, dark orange of dry leaves ready to fall along with surprise golden leaves on trees still making their seasonal change. Make sure to look down, as well as up into the heights of Spearfish Canyon for the full color experience – vines of red leaves climbing up low-lying rocks and scattered lime greens along the cliffs.

What causes the leaves to finally drop their leaves? A layer of cells exists where a leaf’s stem connects with a tree’s branch. That layer of cells blocks off the leaf veins that transport water and food. This causes the leaf to dry out and, eventually, fall off the tree. Those leaves bring their remaining nutrients to the ground where they fall, benefiting Spearfish Canyon vegetation and animal residents.”

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