Feeding South Dakota is seeing no sign of a food shortage

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Feeding South Dakota has seen a steady increase in the number of people in need of help and are in need of food.

With donations and volunteers consistently coming in, fortunately, there is no sign of a food shortage. Although Feeding South Dakota says they’re not experiencing a shortage of food or help, a number of its programs are on hold or have been cancelled due to the coronavirus.

The front door pantry and mobile pantry are both closed and with school being held online for the rest of the academic year, the school pantry and backpack programs are also cancelled.

“Its a new ball game” said Shawn Burke, Development Associate at Feeding South Dakota.

While maintaining social distancing, there are ways to still receive food with the mobile distribution every Wednesday at the Central States Fairgrounds. Some food that would normally be distributed to local restaurants, has been made available to Feeding South Dakota so the food won’t go to waste.

“In terms of where it is coming from, how its getting here, who is engaged with it, we have got some sources that are increasing,” Burke said. “Because well for example restaurants aren’t open so a lot of the food that was normally going to restaurants is going into other types of programs, so we are getting some access to that.”

Feeding South Dakota knows that the increase in people needing food will last for a while even after the coronavirus pandemic starts to go away.

Burke also said “This is not something that is gonna change once people start congregating again. Because the economic impact in terms of jobs and people getting back on their feet, those folks are gonna need help. Whether that is hunger relief or other help for a while. And so we anticipate that we expect the need of individuals and family’s using our services.”

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