FBI visits Camp Mni Luzahan, asks for meeting with homeless camp leaders

RAPID CITY, S.D. – New developments Thursday regarding a homeless camp recently removed from Rapid City’s jurisdiction, the Federal Bureau of Investigations paying the camp a visit in their new remote location.

This week, the Mni Luzahan Creek Patrol set up a remote camp site for a number of people considered homeless in the community. After tensions rose over the weekend when tipis were set up to house people in a flood zone along Rapid Creek, the patrol opted to move the camp to tribal land outside of the city’s jurisdiction.

A Facebook video streamed by Carrie MiddleTent early Thursday afternoon shows Creek Patrol members speaking with three FBI agents.

One agent says their visit was to spark a conversation about safety moving forward, citing a medical emergency from a few days ago where there “were some issues with the EMT’s getting out [there] and not really having a point of contact for the encampment.”

“I want to make it very clear that we’re not here to remove you from where you’re at. We’re not going to try to arrest you or get you in any legal trouble or anything like that,” said the agent. “We just wanted to come out here and kind of talk to whoever was in charge and see if the leaders of the encampment here would be willing to come to our office to talk about issues in case there are any medical problems or issues say a fire breaks out and you need fire support.”

The eight-minute video does not identify the location where the encampment is but shows the remote nature of the area. The patrol has not publicly identified the location of the camp but has been soliciting food and supplies to continue their efforts.

The video ends with an agent giving contact information for the local Rapid City FBI office and asks for the opportunity to “sit down and work these things out” before shaking hands and parting ways.

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