Father’s Day bundle of joy

RAPID CITY, S.D. — There wouldn’t be Father’s Day without babies, and one Ellsworth airman experienced one of the best gifts a guy could receive, a son on Father’s Day.

After hours of waiting, Corey Christenson became a first time father to a 6 lb 5 oz baby boy. Tokahe Fier Black Crow Christenson was born at 3:00 a.m. His name is Lakota and German, first born and proud, and he is already proving to be his father’s pride and joy.

“It’s just the most special thing that I‘ve ever experienced,” said Christenson. “I honestly couldn’t stop crying. Honestly the feeling I feel is selflessness. It’s just everything that I feel is for him, I‘m more concerned about how he’s feeling.”

Despite all the preparation, Christenson says he doesn’t believe anyone is every truly prepared to become a parent, but hopes he can take what his father taught him and pass it down. Although he is totally enamored with his son, Christenson has only been able to see Tokahe a few times as he is in the NICU. It’s been difficult, but he is more than happy when he does have the opportunity to see his boy and trusts his son is in good hands at Monument Health. He’s excited to be a first time father, and glad to say his father, has now become a first time grandfather.

“I’d like to say happy fathers day to all the fathers out there, and special thank you to my dad David Christenson back in Minnesota. He’s a grandpa, so happy grandpa’s day.”

Although in the NICU, Tokahe is improving, and Christenson hopes to bring him home soon.

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