Farmers preparing to apply for relief funds; trade war continues

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Tariffs have been stressful for many, especially farmers. However, some much-needed money may be coming their way soon.

Many U.S. farmers are now applying for government assistance from the USDA. The government calls the $12 billion fund “a short-term relief strategy” to help struggling farmers.

Many farmers have been impacted heavily by the trade war. Family farmer Shane Odegaard says he applied for a check Monday.

However, he says the program is far from a “bailout” saying it will only make a small dent in a large problem.

“A few months ago, our gross check on that truckload of pigs would have been $30,000. Now about a month ago, that same load of hogs was only bringing $14,000.”

While many pork producers can start applying for relief funds, other farmers will have to be more patient. For example, soybean farmers have to wait until they’re done harvesting until they can apply.

Story/Video courtesy of KDLT
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