Farmers Market moves indoors for winter

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Rapid City Farmer’s Market has expanded its season, providing fresh produce year-round.

The farmer’s market is usually set up at Market Park off of Omaha Street in the summer, but they have now found an indoor location for winter — Western Dakota Tech’s event center. Lyn Miller, member of the market’s board of directors, says that the added winter months will help local farmers.

“Farmers have found themselves running a deficit,” Miller said, “that they’re not making as much as it costs to produce their food. This is a way that kind of flips that back around.”

Dozens of vendors from the region will be assembling at WDT every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., bringing fresh vegetables, spices, honey and baked goods. Although some items can only be produced during the warmer months, farmers are able to produce many market items year-round by using a temperature-controlled greenhouse.

“I think that’s another benefit of having a winter market,” Miller said. “It gives farmer’s a venue to sell the products that they might grow during unusual times of the year.”

Not only are you nourishing your body when you buy fresh food, but you are nourishing the local economy as well.

“What experts tell us is that to every dollar spent locally ends up recycling itself seven times throughout the community,” says Miller. “So if people are spending their dollars on the local food here there is a good chance it’s going to show up back at other businesses in the area.”

You can find the farmers market at Western Dakota Tech’s event center every Saturday until summer makes its way into the area.

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