Family Violence Warrants Sweep

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. – Family violence is a big problem nationwide, including domestic violence, child neglect or failure to pay child support. That is why the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office, Rapid City Police Department, and South Dakota Department of Corrections, Parole Services joined in the national Family Violence Warrants Sweep Wednesday.

Ten local team members swept across Rapid City, making 15 attempts to serve family violence-related warrants. During those efforts, in total 18 warrants were successfully served.

WATCH: Family Violence Warrants Sweep

“Attacking family violence not only protects victims, but can also break the cycle of violence and other criminal activities,” says Sgt. Todd Battest in the sheriff’s Warrants Division. “This gives us an opportunity to participate in a national effort to focus on family issues. We brought a lot of resources together to underscore the importance of the mission and to make this annual event a success.”

Clackamas County, Washington launched this effort 16 years ago. Agencies throughout the United States now join in this annual one-day sweep to arrest persons with outstanding family-violence warrants.

Information from the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office
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