Family of missing hunter receives closure

Pennington County, S.D. – A second body was found May 27th in Pennington County, and is believed to be that of missing hunter Larry Genzlinger.

Genzlinger, 66 was from Howard, Miner County, and was last seen on October 1st while elk hunting with his nephew in the Deerfield Lake area. A man found the body yesterday afternoon while fixing his fence about 2.5 miles from where Genzlinger was last seen and from where search teams had been positioned.  Searches began in October, shortly after he disappeared, but terrain and snow-cover made it impossible to navigate. The search was postponed until the spring. Lt. Dustin Morrison said,

“Based upon our interviews with the family members and the information we had, he was supposed to walk to the north a little bit and then turn and walk back to the south, so it’s important to remember, he was about 2.5 miles north in the opposite direction. So, initially all of our seach efforts were focused inside that corridor.”

The Sherrif’s Office and volunteers covered around 25 hundred miles in all while searching for Genzlinger. The office made use of canines, horseback riders, helicopters and ground search parties from South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. While the discovery was significant to the Sherrif’s office, Morrison believes it’s most important to give the family closure, while also giving hope to those still searching for loved ones.

“The reason we go out there day after day week after week and continue to pour our efforts in is because we want to bring closure to the family, and that’s the ultimate goal at the end of the day,” said Lt. Morrison. “And our deepest condolences go out to the Genzlinger family, but we’re also satisfied that we were able to bring some closure to them.”

An autopsy will be performed, and the investigation into Genzlinger’s disappearance continues.


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