Family Fun Day is Thanksgiving themed at the Belle Fourche Tri-State Museum

BELLE FOURCHE, S.D.— Some Sundays are really fun days in Belle Fourche, as the Tri-State Museum holds family fun days on the third Sunday afternoon of each month.

Each of these fun days has a specific topic and typically includes a video as well as crafts and other activities.

This month’s Family Fun Day was themed “Pilgrims and Thanksgiving”.

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The main goal of Family Fun Day is for parents, grandparents, and children to interact with each other during educational activities.

“Oftentimes the November Family Fun Day relates to Thanksgiving in some way, as you can imagine,” said Kristi Thielen, the Director of the Tri-State Museum. “Today we are focusing more on pilgrims than we have in the past. So we have a book drawing for a book about pilgrims, we have a couple of really cute crafts and the kids right now are seeing a film about pilgrims as well.”

Admission to the Family Fun Day is $2 and next month’s theme in December will be Christmas related.

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