Families reunite with loved ones at RAP

RAPID CITY, S.D. – By car or by plane, people are doing whatever they can to reunite with family.

At Rapid City Regional Airport, mothers met daughters and sisters met brothers after being separated by thousands of miles.

NewsCenter1 spoke with airline travelers after they hopped off their planes on Christmas Eve.

Siblings Cobe and Jewell Clemons flew out from Ann Arbor, Mich. to visit family members in Sturgis. Cobe cited their reason for traveling as “Christmas is always fun with more family members involved.”

Meanwhile, siblings Jacob, Sidney and Danielle Ossenfort had been split up between Rapid City, Jackson Hole, Wyo. and Denver, Colo. After months apart, they found each other at the airfare crossroads – just in time for Christmas.

“[We’re] visiting home for Christmas – see the whole family,” Sidney said.

“Our parents still live here,” Danielle added.

Traveling, especially by plane, can stressful, but some find the anxiety is often replaced by anticipation.

Sidney said her brother and sister helped her cope with traveling through Denver International Airport.

“Packing was stressful, but then actually getting to the airport … I was just excited,” Sidney said. “Right before I left Denver, they FaceTimed me, and it just made me more excited to see them in-person, too.”

The Clemons, on the other hand, travel by plane every few months. For them, it’s simply a means to an end.

“I’m kind of just calm. I mean, we’ve done this so many times,” Cobe said. “We’re just kind of used to it by now, but [it’s] more exciting – kind of eager to see them.”

Regardless of whether the holiday travelers were first-time or frequent fliers, most families reunited in the same way: a family hug.

“It was great. I love them. They give good hugs,” Sidney finished.

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