Fall River Health Services taking action against COVID-19

HOT SPRINGS, S.D. — Fall River Health Services in Hot Springs is a smaller, rural health facility. And despite its size, the facility is fighting COVID-19 just as efficiently as more populated areas.

All hands are on deck, as nurses, doctors, and security all work to keep Fall River County safe. The health center isn’t allowing visitors, and anyone who sets foot on campus must be screened. There is a screening tent at the entrance of the facilities, where visitors are asked if they’ve out of the country or exposed to the virus.

Depending on the answer, they might perform further screening to ensure the virus doesn’t get into the facility. There have been no positive cases in Hot Springs, but officials are working to prepare and prevent.

Lori Allen, Director of Patient Care Services for Fall River Health Services, said “So we are going over and above the c-d-c guidelines and just making sure that we have appropriate places to care for people.”

Fall River Health Services is also teaming up with the Mammoth Site to use its 3D printer to make N95 masks for its staff.

They’re also booking telehealth appointments to help keep social distancing.

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