Faces in the Crowd: Zane Rankin

Belle Fourche senior preps for full ride to Vassar

BELLE FOURCHE, S.D. – A senior at Belle Fourche High School is heading off to a prestigious college and it’s a full ride.

Thanks to the QuestBridge scholarship program, Zane Rankin will be attending Vassar College in New York. The scholarship and nonprofit connects lower-income students with top name colleges.

The way it works is a student applies to colleges through the scholarship program. If accepted, the recipient receives a full ride to the school. Over 30,000 people apply for the scholarship, and only about 6,500 kids across the country become finalists.

“I’m beyond blessed to have this opportunity,” said Zane. “I did not think I’d even come close to getting such a big scholarship such as this one, but I’m very proud of myself and happy to have it.”

Now, Zane looks forward to moving 1,700 miles east to pursue political science and eventually, law school.

“I like crime. I like watching crime shows and stuff like that, so I’ve always wanted to be something like a police officer or something like that,” said Zane. “I’ve always loved law too, so I want to be a lawyer.”

Getting into the legal field is something his family members have done and he’s just following in their footsteps. Zane also says it’s his teachers at Belle Fourche High School who’ve helped him.

“Lesa Krajewski, she got me on the right path for applying to colleges and what to do,” said Zane. “Stephanie Musilek wrote me really good recommendations and was right by my side, and Ms. Schlekeway helped me pick out my colleges and refine my list.”

Zane says he was on the fence on whether to even apply for this scholarship program, but he’s very glad he did.

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