Faces in the Crowd: Savoy Schuler

Virtual and augmented reality are rapidly transforming current technology use in society. A group of students from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology created a business to incorporate this technology into everyday life.

Today’s society relies on technology for almost everything and In Touch LLC, CEO Savoy Schuler is at the leading edge, bringing quickly evolving technology into the local economy.

"Expected that the global adoption of augmented and virtual reality, known together sometimes as mixed reality,” said Schuler, “is going to be one of the next major advents of technology, like the internet was, computers, television."

His recent project with Black Hills Ammunition, a worldwide weapons ammunitions provider, let attendees at a Las Vegas expo visit their rapid city factory virtually.  

"People down in Las Vegas were able to put on this headset,” said Schuler. “and then in an immiscible way, with video, audio and subtitles they were able to get a guided tour of the factory that talked about the technology and some of the work that they do."

Because Schulers company is keeping up to speed with technology driven society, local businesses are able to compete with larger businesses worldwide already using this form of advertising.

"The bigger cities have more need for this type of thing,” said Software Engineer for In Touch LLC, Daniel Tesch, “but we can show them what it can do, and how it can help their local business basically."

Schuler believes this is a great advertising technique.

"I believe that Black Hills Ammunition is the first ammunition company in the world to use VR for marketing,” said Schuler. “The School of Mines is in a race with a lot of colleges across the country to actually adopt augmented reality for education."

Aside from bringing the technology to local advertising incorporating it into the classroom can only improve education. For example, in the medical field, students will sometimes train on dolls or cadavers, but they face the issues of getting enough real-world experience. That’s where VR can help.

"Technologies like this allow us to bridge that gap between education and real-world application at least in medical,” said Schuler. “That’s what we are doing in the classroom at the school of mines and we are hoping that for example stem, that once students learn on these technologies in the classroom that they are inclines to take them out into the real world and use them for actually designing bridges and engineering engines and researching mathematics.”

It doesn’t just stop there, Savoy is working to transform this current trend to benefit multiple platforms. This student start up is continuing to hire students, providing a means for them to utilize the skills they learn in the classroom.

"Really, it’s all about perspective, depth, size and the relativity of size compared to real world environments,” said Schuler.

In Touch LLC provides website, desktop software, content management systems and more for local companies to help them compete with those larger companies worldwide.

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