Faces in the Crowd: Renie Smith

A local author just had her first book published at the age of 76, she was born and raised in South Dakota and has spent the last 65 years in Rapid City and has based her book in the Black Hills.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Renie Smith is a widowed mother and grandmother who, for much of her life, was a very involved member of the community in many ways as a PTA member, involved in her church community, volunteered with the Central States Fair and active in the local and state soccer scene for many years.

Renie Smith

Renie Smith

She also loves to read and write and has written countless poems and made them into greeting cards for friends and family.

When she held her first published book in her hands – just a few months ago – she said it was a surreal moment, saying, “Oh my gosh, it was just like Oh, look at this, look at this!”

Renie Smith

Her book “Josie’s Handyman’ is about 15 years in the making, busy with other life priorities, now was the right time to release this story of betrayal and broken trust with a take away that relationships and families can be restored and healed. Ultimately love can prevail.

She hopes this story can help others struggling with similar issues.

Renie Smith

Smith says, “With the betrayal and abandonment of a parent, that is very difficult and you deal with it in different ways. And I actually didn’t realize it was bothering me as much as it was until I starting writing Josie, so I did draw on my own emotions and my own concerns.”

In the book, Josie, the main character, was dishonest to attain a job all while breaking female stereotype,s but she finds a new truth. Renie hopes readers can identify with the main character and learn some life lessons.

Renie Smith

“I mean, she had good reason for it, but she misrepresented herself – her father lied to her and her sister about her mother – too much dishonesty and all the pain that is caused and how much trouble they had working through all of that,” says Smith.

Smith considers ‘Josie’s Handyman’ a family book and easy to read.

Smith will be doing a book signing at First Baptist Church in Rapid City November 7 from 2-4 p.m. You can also find the book as various online sites, including Amazon.

Josie's Handyman

Josie’s Handyman

Smith has two more book in the works, which she plans on self publishing.

You can also contact her to purchase a book at rsmith@rushmore.com or by calling 605- 343-7130.

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