Faces in the Crowd: Nathan Kleinschmit

Hailing from Wall, South Dakota, Nathan Kleinschmit may look familiar to you from the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center Facebook videos called 'New things with Nate.'

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With over 10 years of work history at the Civic Center, Nate enjoys the challenges of his job as Assistant Operations Manager, setting up and tearing down the facility for events.

Nathan Kleinschmit

Nathan Kleinschmit

Nathan Kleinschmit, Assistant Operations Manager of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center/Ice Arena, says, “There has been a few times where we’ve had hockey one night and then a concert, you know, is moving in at seven in the morning the next day and it turns into an all night crew, everybody works hard but kind of get rallied together and usually end up getting everything done and ready to go.”

His favorite event of the year is right now- the Stock Show.

Nathan Kleinschmit

Kleinschmit says, “I would say honestly probably the Stock Show just because I was never a ranch kid, but growing up in Wall, you are always around it and the small towns, you get to see a lot of the people – it is nice catching up with them.”

Nathan Kleinschmit

Nate was a natural pick when it came to hosting the Civic Center videos about what new and happening at the facility.

The videos are called ‘New Things with Nate.’ 

His pieces are improv so Nate’s fun loving nature fairs well, he says, “Probably just my good looks and personality I guess. They are kind of funny at times, maybe cheesy I don’t know but it’s good natured and good fun and it gives people some laughs and yet keep you informed on what we got going on at the Civic Center,” says Kleinschmit.

Nathan Kleinschmit

The highlights this week are stock show and rodeo themed.

Beside his work life, Nate enjoys getting in the outdoors – hunting, fishing and golfing and also bowling.

Nathan Kleinschmit

‘New Things with Nate’ Episode

He is currently working on growing out a mullet for a wedding he is in this summer. And yes ladies, he is also single.

Nate is looking forward to Summit Arena opening in the Fall.

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