Faces in the Crowd: Marc Casavan

It’s a barbershop with character and longevity. Mark’s Barber Shop was established in the Black Hills 79 years ago. This family-run business would not be as successful if it wasn’t for its history of charismatic owners. Marc Casavan is extending his dad’s legacy.

As customers settle into Marc’s barber chair, they are not only there to get a quick, quality cut. They keep coming back for the captivating conversation. That’s why Marc changed the name to Mark’s Old School Barber & Style Shop – to keep the nostalgic feel of the older barber shops, when folks would stop by just to chew the fat.

Casavan says, “The haircut is just a small part of it- the rest of it is the conversation and the comradery in here. And a lot of jokes; it’s pretty entertaining in here. We have a lot of great people that come in and a lot of people that mess with us and we mess with them back.”

You will feel like family when you walk in and take a seat. And there’s a good chance Marc will remember your cut and style once you sit down. This business is a staple to the Spearfish community, owned by the Casavans for 46 years.

Marc had joined his dad Mark as the towns go-to barber after attending barber college in North Dakota. He uses the "clipper over comb" technique, a more free-hand work to help make his clients look their best. He says it’s a lost art.

Marc’s father’s genuine compassion for people and life molded him into the person he is today. The father/son duo hunted and fished for many years together. With that love for the outdoors, Marc and a couple other friends started a hunting business, customizing and building hunts for people. Some of the excursions air on the Sportsman channel, “Rolling Bones: No Boundaries,” which is in its fifth season.

Marc’s passion for life is contagious – you’ll come out of his shop with your ears lowered and an extra pep in your step.

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