Faces in the crowd: Linda Guthrie

She’s a face you may associate with the Rapid City's KFC, but you may not know her name. Her kindness is spreading throughout the community.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — A friendly face and disposition you may meet while grabbing your order at KFC is Linda Guthrie. With a passion for people – she enjoys all parts of her job, and it shows.

FIC Linda

Linda Guthrie, KFC Crew Member, says, “I love people. I love it. You get every personality through the drive through from all walks of life and they’re just – everybody, especially in this time, at this time you need great customer service. You need people to know that you’re there for them, even if you know they’re having a hard day. At least they know that somebody is there for them.”

She takes service with a smile to the next level and sends each customer off with well wishes.

“They’re not just getting chicken no, they’re getting blessings and they’re getting love,” she adds. “They’re getting love, not just from me, but from everybody. ’cause it’s not just one person, I’m just basically the face of KFC. But behind their people are making chicken fresh and they are packing it and it’s always done with love.”

FIC Linda

Although she’s only been working at KFC for about a year, she feels like the crew is more like family than just co-workers, adding, “Definitely we love each other. We always tell each other. We’re like family.”

Jason Edwards the manager says Linda is a diamond in the rough and elaborates, “I’m glad that we found her. Linda was one of the best add-ons to the team. She’s just a joy to work with – she boosts morale around in the workplace, so.”

FIC Linda

The community has noticed the difference in the delivery with many posting on social media about the customer service they have experienced.

Linda adds, “But the other thing about KFC and also Jason is that he allows me to be me and got to my heart. And people need to know that God is alive and well, especially at this time when COVID is so rampant and everybody closed in, they get out and they want a friendly face and they want to know that they’re not alone. I bless them. I bless their food and and they leave with a smile and they come back. It’s reaching out to people you know and they’re feeling it, so that makes me happy.”

FIC Linda

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