Faces in the Crowd: Kathy Froloff

At 70 years old, Kathy Froloff is a survivor. Just over six years ago - she fell ill, slipped into a coma for three months and diagnosed with double pneumonia. Now she is taking up every opportunity to walk and hike with the Hiker Babes group in Rapid City.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — After three months in a comatose state, two days before her family was planning on ending her life support, Kathy woke up.

Kathy Froloff at Canyon Lake Park

Kathy Froloff

Kathy Froloff

Katheryne Froloff, Hiker Babes Members, says,  “I wasn’t suppose to live. I’m stubborn, I just can’t give up my life.”

In the last six years, Kathy has been in and out of the hospital with various illnesses. She got to the point where she couldn’t walk, and even broke her back in June, but she was letting nothing get in her way to recovery.

With lots of rehab and therapy, she took it one step at a time.

Kathy Froloff

Kathy Froloff kayaking, courtesy Hiker Babes

Kathy Froloff

Kathy says, “I’m a survivor, so nothing is going to stop me. I like to do everything, if I can.”

She is serving as an inspiration to the Hiker Babes group she is a part of. Kathy adds, “I refuse to give up and people need to know, that it just takes a little bit, just that you are doing it and getting the exercise – you feel so good when you are done.”

Hiker Babes, courtesy Hiker Babes

Hiker Babes, courtesy Hiker Babes (Kathy to the far left)

Hiker Babes, courtesy Hiker Babes

The Hiker Babes group meets to get out into nature – hiking, walking and kayaking. Kathy says the group of supportive women has helped to inspire her to keep on truckin.’

“Biker babes totally rock, they are there behind me. It’s kind of like another family,” says Kathy.

The group members reciprocate the feelings.

Kathy Froloff and Sandra Fossen

Kathy Froloff and Sandra Fossen, Hiker Babes group

Kathy Froloff and Sandra Fossen

Sandra Fossen, Ambassador for Hiker Babes South Dakota, says, “We just love Kathy because she is a go getter, and she keeps us knowing that it doesn’t matter what level we are at or where we come from we just want to get our hike on and that is what Hiker Babes is all about.”

Hiker Babes is a global group of women who enjoy getting out into nature and staying active. The bonus made among the members are an added bonus.

Besides getting out into nature, Kathy likes to quilt, crochet and cook. This great-grandmother says all her family also serve as a motivating factor for her and adds, “I’m alive and I want to be alive.”

Kathy Froloff

Kathy has already trekked over 70 miles this month.

Click here for more information on Hiker Babes of South Dakota.

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