Faces in the Crowd: Joelle Simpson

Sixteen-year-old Joelle Simpson graces many area venues with a collection of music played on the harp. This active teenager loves to share her talents to others in the community.

The heavenly sounds of the harp can be heard when Joelle Simpson is performing.

Joelle Simpson, playing harp

Joelle Simpson, playing harp

Joelle fell in love with the harp at age four when she heard a harpist with the Orlando Chamber Soloists play. The professional harpist told her to take piano first, so she did for three years. She didn’t lose her desire over time, perhaps to the dismay of her parents.

“They often make the joke that I kept ‘harping’ on them to play the harp,” says Joelle.

She began taking lessons at age nine and began with a lap (or Celtic) harp and now, six years later, has graduated to a pedal (or concert) harp.

Her musicality, dedication and drive has led her to where she is now, playing in the Black Hills Symphony and sharing her passion and talent with the rest of the community, playing at different venues throughout the Black Hills.

Joelle Simpson, courtesy Facebook

Joelle Simpson-harpist, courtesy Facebook

“I never really thought I’d be able to get so far with the harp. I kind of had the mindset of ok I’m going to play for myself but then my parents always say that the harp is such a blessing to others and I think now more than ever I’ve realized that I can not only do this for myself but also for others. So I think that is important to do, is to help other and so it makes me happy that I’m able to make other people happy,”Joelle says.

Joelle is a performer at heart – she is also involved in the high school choir, dance classes, and figure skating. She skates with the Black Hills Figuring Skating Club.

Joelle Simpson figure skating

Joelle Simpson figure skating, courtesy Facebook

The way she keeps herself in check is by being in the moment — wherever she is at.

Joelle says, “I’ve had to learn to focus on whatever I’m doing right at the moment.”

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Joelle Simpson, playing harp

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