Faces in the Crowd: Jeff Consoer

Jeff Consoer moved to Hot Springs about four years ago, searching out a simpler life for himself and his two sons. His background is in physics, statistics and computer science, but he wanted to reinvent himself. He opened the Bourbon County Speakeasy, a place to enjoy a little Americana.

His speakeasy features spirits made in South Dakota. He mixes up signature drinks like the Blackberry Mule and the Smoking Gun.

He hopes to host travelers into his establishment, not just the locals. It’s a place to have a drink and interesting conversation.

Consoer says, “I want my place to be a place where locals and travelers all meet and share stories, and I’ve seen that happen … Believe it or not, even in the 21st century, people like people. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but they do. And when they come and they sit and they have a [drink] in a nice, relaxed atmosphere. And obviously encourages conversation and interaction. It’s really beautiful.”
Instead of passing through the “Southern Gateway,” Consoer says Hot Springs should be the destination for travelers, as if offers so many experiences.

Hot Springs was originally born as a resort community offering bath houses with natural, holistic hot springs. Consoer wants to give present day travelers a reason to get off the interstate and into the quaint communities.

“So there is a lot of really unique things. And when you bring it all together, this town – it’s like a sleeping giant that is just waking up. And once it does, this community will be hard to stop, and I hope nobody wants to stop it.”

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