Faces in the Crowd: Javier Moreno

A new face to the Rapid City Area and serving the Salvation Army is Black Hills Area Coordinator, Javier Moreno.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Salvation Army has served the Rapid City area since 1907 – the famous red, kettle bell ringers collect donations during the holidays but use the money year round to help with programs the entire year.

Captains Javier Moreno and Kelsie Moreno

Captains Javier and Kelsie Moreno

Captains Javier Moreno and Kelsie Moreno

The Salvation Army started as a church and has grown throughout the years and through various services. They cater to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people in the Black Hills region and offer solutions to those looking for help.

A man who embodies the Salvation Army motto – “doing the most good” – is Javier Moreno. You could say this path was already written. He grew up in the organization with his parents as officers.

Captain Javier Moreno, Salvation Army Black Hills Area Coordinator, says, “It was kind of a natural thing to become an officer in the Salvation Army, but really the primary focus on becoming an officer is receiving a calling from God to serve his people here on earth so that was really what led me to do what I do.”

Captain Javier preaching

Captain Javier preaching

Captain Javier preaching

His diverse skill set is helping people in the western half of the state. Before stationed in the Black Hills, he and his wife were stationed in Detroit. He is using his past experiences from there to serve people on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Moreno says, “To go down to the reservation and see the challenges that exist there, because similar a lot of those challenges were to what we saw in the city of Detroit and so you know what really is about coming in and learning a new culture and learning really about peoples own experiences and then kind of putting yourself in their shoes to be able to see from their perspective.”

Javier says in his line of work, sometimes you don’t always see the end result, but those special moments when he does see his work pay off are extra sweet.

“That’s probably one of the most rewarding things, is to be able to see that what you’re doing really does make a difference.”

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