Faces in the Crowd: Gordy Pratt & Dalyce Sellers

A two person troupe in the Black Hills is spreading cheer with their musical abilities and song parodies.

You would be hard pressed to have a dull moment around Gordy & Dalyce.  They go from a vibrant yodel to a set of comical characters in their musical variety show.

Gordy Pratt has been producing entertainment for himself and others the last 30 years, lending out lots of laughs with a one man show. He recently added a performing partner, Dalyce, who discovered she loved to sing at a young age, which led her to play in a band.

Gordy got his start in the biz at the Black Hills Playhouse, where he learned a lot during his 10-year experience. He also has plenty of formal schooling behind him, from New York, to London and San Francisco. He’s written songs and recorded albums. But loves to be in front of an audience- guitar in hand, and would do about anything to get a laugh

May through October, the duo performs for bus tours at the High Plains Western Heritage Center in Spearfish, but do have dates open to the public in July. Their musical variety comedy show they say has a cowboy twist called the spirit of the american cowboy – as there is something special about the cowboy way of life.

Pratt says, “There is a little cowboy in all of us – it’s very mystical, very magical, mythical certainly mythical.” Sellers says.”Everybody loves cowboys; there’s just something romantic and cool about a cowboy.”

Click here to find out more about the Spirit of the American Cowboy Supper & Show.

The duo will also be coaching artists for the 5th Annual Lifeways– Choose Art Addiction Youth Performance, which is coming up March 9. They will also be MCing the event.

Click this Youtube link for more from the interview with Gordy & Dalyce.


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